Midnight BBQ


Midnight Barbecue, a short film, received the Best Director Award (for Ruedi Gerber and Christian Hoagland) at NYU Tisch School of Arts in 1991. (18 minutes)

It is the story of the insecure Lenny, who has something to prove. Willy, his cynical drinking buddy, provokes Lenny and leads to his need to show off what a marksmen he is, by shooting a bottle from his wife’s head while he is drunk. It is a farce of the William Tell story, and a reference to William Burroughs, who, while drunk, shot and killed his wife by trying to shoot an apple on her head.



  • Producers: Christian Hoagland and Ruedi Gerber
  • Director: Ruedi Gerber with Christian Hoagland
  • Director of Photography: Adam Beckman
  • Editor: Pascal Akesson
  • Screenplay: Christian Hoagland
  • Music: Rory Mcfarlane and Mark Russell


  • Lenny: John Bigham
  • Martha: Jan Jalenak
  • Willy: Michael Santoro
  • Bill: Jefferey Smith