Basmati Blues

Release in February 2018


Basmati Blues, featuring Brie Larson & Donald Sutherland, starts in the US Theatres February 9th, 2018 (read more)

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Basmati Blues is an independent musical romantic film and directorial debut by Dan Baron about a scientist (Brie Larson) who creates genetically modified rice with her father (Scott Bakula), and their boss (Donald Sutherland) sends them to India to sell it to rural farmers.


  • Director: Dan Baron
  • Executive Producers: Jeff Kleeman, Elliott Lester, Randy Paul
  • Writers: Dan Baron, Jeff Dorchen, Danny Thompson
  • Music: Steven Argila
  • Cinematographer: Himman Dhamija
  • Editor: Tom Lewis
  • Producer: Ruedi Gerber


  • Linda: Brie Larson
  • Ben: Scott Bakula
  • Gurgon: Donald Sutherland
  • Evelyn: Tyne Daly
  • Rajit Utkarsh: Ambudkar
  • Lakshmi: Fagun Thakrar
  • Sita: Lakshmi Manchu

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